Welcome Back to Meritáge Concerts!

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We had a little fun with the title. It’s Fall. We wanted to sing about love. So, fall-ing love works. Right?! Meritáge is excited to present a concert with music celebrating the changing colors of the season and the quickening heartbeats of new love! “Fall in love” with the sound of Meritáge as they open their season with beautiful and exciting songs that warm the heart and bring in cooler nights. Traditional songs like Autumn Leaves and Try to Remember are paired with folk the songs of Brahms and Schuman – and everything in between. 


Come hear beautiful songs that celebrate Falling in Love with Meritáge!

Ticket prices have moved up to $25 for adult admission. Still amazing value for this concert.


This event is now concluded.

Anaheim United Methodist Church

1000 S. State College Blvd

Anaheim, CA 92806

“Grateful thanks AUMC for the use of their 

wonderful facility for our concerts.”

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